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BT7593 & BT9592 Hospital Bed Style Long Reach TV Wall Mount Brackets – What’s the difference?

We’re being asked to clarify why there are two very similar products manufactured by UK based B-Tech International Ltd.

Following the huge success we have enjoyed with the B-Tech BT7593 hospital bed style TV arm, we’re now offering another alternative from B-Tech, the BT7592.

Looking at the images of these products, and their specifications, it’s not obvious what the difference actually is, however we hope this will help.

Being the UK’s biggest seller of the original BT7593 and also the UK’s biggest seller of the very similar Premier Mounts’ AM18W, we very occasionally came across a small TV which actually weighed too little, causing the arm to try and retract or simply not stay in position. For these situations, B-Tech has now released the BT7592. The BT7592 is ideal for lighter-weight TVs and Monitors weighing between 3kg and 5kg. (6.6lbs and 11lbs). For screens weighing more than 5kg (11lbs), but less than 8kg (17.6lbs) then we would still recommend the BT7593.

Sadly, the Premier Mounts’ AM18W is no-longer available within Europe, however it’s still available in the USA.

For more information on these great extending TV arms, which are also suitable for home-use for those with limited mobility, please call 0845 835 0266



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