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Can I mount an extending or cantilever TV arm on a plasterboard (dry-wall) or partition wall?

Mounting an LED, LED & Plasma TV on Plasterboard or Partition Walls.

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We’re often asked if the newer lighter weight large flat panel TVs can be mounted onto a plasterboard wall.

As we’ve covered in the past, mounting a TV onto a partition or plasterboard wall can be perfectly safe when using a flat or close fit wall mount bracket secured to two or more wooden studs behind the plasterboard.

As large screen LCD and particularly LED are much lighter weight than their older Plasma counterparts,  it’s becoming more possible to mount them on extending arm brackets, or those that  allow the TV to turn left or right, onto a plasterboard or partition wall.


If you’re able to strengthen the stud-work behind the plasterboard and add an MDF or wooden mount plate, supported by several wooden studs, then it is now possible to mount an extending arm mount.

Ideally, cutting away a section of the plasterboard to expose the stud-work will allow you to add additional battens (noggins) between the existing stud-work.  Once strengthened, rather than re-fitting the plasterboard, either an MDF or Wooden plate can be fitted, onto which the actual wall mount can be attached. By then skimming the wooden plate with an appropriate finishing plaster, and covering it with an appropriate wall paper or paint, this board can largely be hidden from sight.

Of course, when cutting-away the plasterboard, great care must be taken to ensure that there are no electrical cables or water pipes within the wall. Stud-work, electrical cable and pipe detectors are commonly available from most High St DIY stores.

We would always recommend that if you have any doubts regarding your abilities to carry-out such work, or if you’re unsure of the strength of your wall, then please contact a local builder.

The other advice we would offer is to use an extending arm mount which has a wide wall mounting plate or frame, this will allow the load to be spread across a wider areas of the MDF or wooden plate.

If you’re not sure or if you need any further assistance, then please call us on 0845 835 0266


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