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How much will I need to tilt my TV when I install it? or Do I even need a Tilting TV wall bracket for my LCD, LED or Plasma Screen?

We’re often asked by customers, “Will I need a tilting TV wall mount bracket ? ” or  “How much do you think I will need to tilt my TV ?”

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(Of course tilt refers to the up/down positioning of the screen and not the left to right turning of the screen.)

We’ve always suggested to our customers, that if the TV is at your natural eye-line when sitting or standing in your chosen vantage point, then  a tilting bracket is not needed. If you find yourself looking-up towards the screen then a tilt option may be worth considering.

So you’ve decided that a tilting TV wall mount bracket is the better option, so how far should you tilt it?

Our rule of thumb has always been :-

At a vantage point 3m or less from the screen, then a 15 degree tilt would be required.

At a vantage point 3m ~ 6m from the screen then, a 10 degree tilt would be required.

At a vantage point greater than 6m, then a 5 degree tilt would be perfect.

Obviously, the closer to the screen your vantage point is, the greater amount of tilt would be required.

Although these are our recommendations, these tilt angles can be exaggerated by the size and model of your chosen TV. We’ve notices over the last few months that as more and more people are buying 50″+ TVs for their homes, we’re selling a greater proportion of tilting wall mount brackets.

An often over-looked necessity of a greater degree of tilt is that the gap from the back of the TV to the wall will be greater, that’s usually not a problem when viewed from the front of the screen, but if you enter a room from the side of the TV, you will need to be aware and accept that the TV is a little further away from the wall than you perhaps prefer.

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