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Can I mount an extending or cantilever TV arm on a plasterboard (dry-wall) or partition wall?

Mounting an LED, LED & Plasma TV on Plasterboard or Partition Walls. To see our full range of flat screen TV wall mount brackets, please CLICK HERE We’re often asked … Continue reading

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What is ‘Split’ Leather and is it ‘real’ leather?

This is a question we have been asked on a few occasions. Sadly, there is huge confusion caused by mis-information ‘flying about’ on the internet, with some parties suggesting ‘split’ … Continue reading

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Are Alphason Houston, Northland and Bentley leather chairs, genuine leather or just leather effect?

Simply, without question, if Alphason advertises a product as genuine leather, then that’s exactly what the customer can confidently expect to receive, a genuine leather chair, fully compliant with British Standards, … Continue reading

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How much will I need to tilt my TV when I install it? or Do I even need a Tilting TV wall bracket for my LCD, LED or Plasma Screen?

We’re often asked by customers, “Will I need a tilting TV wall mount bracket ? ” or  “How much do you think I will need to tilt my TV ?” … Continue reading

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Choosing the right LCD / LED monitor desktop or counter-top stand could save you thousands of pounds

Surely, if a desktop or counter-top or tabletop stand fits the monitor, isn’t that enough? To see our full range of LCD, LED and Plasma TV / monitor desktop, tabletop … Continue reading

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TV Wall Mount Brackets: What to Look For, What do I Need to Know?

To view our full range of high quality TV / Monitor wall mount brackets, please CLICK HERE When buying your beautiful shiny new LCD, LED or Plasma TV, the subject … Continue reading

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LCD, LED & Plasma Accessory Collars and Mounts for 35mm, 42mm, 50mm & 60mm Diameter Pole Mounting Hardware. B-Tech & Premier Mounts Original, System 2 & System V – Unicol, Loxit, Peerless, Vogel’s & Chief Compatible

As more and more existing flat screen monitors and TV are coming to the end of their working lives,  installation companies are faced with the problem of explaining to the … Continue reading

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What’s the point of the B-Tech MountLogic range, isn’t it just a more expensive version of it’s own Ventry range?

For a while now, we’ve had customers questioning B-Tech’s logic in having two ranges of LCD, LED & Plasma mount hardware. Historically there’s always been the MountLogic range, but now … Continue reading

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TV wall mount brackets suitable for mounting LCD, LED & Plasma flat screens onto curved walls, columns, pillars or other restricted wall space TV installations

As more and more individuals or companies are selling standard-plate VESA wall mounts for LCD, LED & Plasma TVs and Monitors, there is a glut of wide wall plate style … Continue reading

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Why choose a TV Mount that rotates? What are the benefits of rotating TV Monitor wall mount brackets. Premier RFM

We’re sometimes asked, Why should I pay extra for a rotating head mechanism on an LCD, LED or Plasma wall mount bracket? Well, there are two significant answers. 1) From … Continue reading

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