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Epson Interactive Projector Compatible Screen Dry-Wipe Whiteboard

Recently we have become aware of some issues when using Epson Interactive Projectors on some fixed-frame projection screens and whiteboards.

On some fixed projection screens with lipped frames, the frames can cause the alignment software of the calibration system in the projector to become confused, this appears to be due to wayward reflections from the frame.
With this problem in mind, we have launched a new version of our formatted projection whiteboard. This screen/whiteboard has been specifically introduced to cope with the demands of the Epson range of Interactive Projectors. The flush aluminium frame does not interfere or cause errors when used with Epson Interactive Projectors, including the following models :-
EB475W, EB-536Wi, EB-575Wi, EB-580, EB-585Wi, EB-585WS, EB-675Wi, EB-695Wi, EB1430Wi & EB-1460Ui 

To view full details of this model, please CLICK HERE


This semi-matte projection surface diffuses any hot spots to produce a more even image. If you’re looking for a projection screen which can also perform very well as a dry-wipe whiteboard, then this is the product to consider.  It is widely accepted by those ‘in the know’ that Vitreous Enamel Steel whiteboards provide the ultimate hard wearing ‘dry-wipe’ surface, indeed this is the genuine Japanese produced, high quality steel-backed version, which is guaranteed for 25 years.

This particular screen is supplied in one of 3 individual formats :-

Overall Dimensions
4:3   Version   1218mm x 1612mm x 12mm (H x W x D)
16:9  Version    1218mm x 2137mm x 12mm (H x W x D)
16:10 Version   1218mm x 1927mm x 12mm (H x W x D)
Projection Screen size
4:3 Version       1181mm x 1575mm
16:9 Version     1181mm x 2100mm
16:10 Version   1181mm x 1890mm
Diagonal Screen size 
4:3 Version       78″
16:9 Version     95″
16:10 Version   88″

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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