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eBay Customer Feedback Scam

We all know that customer delight is the key to the success of any business. Historically, repeat custom and ‘word of mouth’ referrals were the very best way of building a strong customer base; adding to this targeted advertising and marketing, then businesses grew organically.

Now, in this digital ‘instant’ world, customer on-line reviews have become the gate keeper for most on-line transactions. A new on-line supplier can be up and selling within an hour, sadly they can also disappear just as quickly.

A new business, selling on eBay, Amazon or on another on-line marketplace needs to quickly build a good customer review feedback rating, it’s their only way of building a respectable and trusted on-line business reputation.

In the old days, a new High Street retailer would offer ‘loss leaders’ to temp new customers through the door, in the hope they would like what they see and then buy more products.

The issue with on-line retailers is that the % of returning customers is much smaller than a traditional High Street store, of course on-line buyers will return to the brands they know, but when searching for a specific product or service, then a plethora of suppliers will be listed on their PC, Tablet or Phone screen. It’s then that the customer needs to select their preferred supplier, based of course on the price but also on the on-line reputation of the supplier. This is when customer feedback is critical.

Recently, we were made aware of a ‘supplier’ on eBay offering Alphason desks at pricing far below what most other established suppliers were able to charge. Initially, we assumed that perhaps this ‘supplier’ may have bought liquidated stock from a defunct business, but this proved not to be the case.

When we took time to look at the other items being listed on this ‘suppliers’ eBay store, many were priced at less than a £, some for as little as 5p. The number of customer reviews was very high, being in the 10s of thousands, interestingly all the items listed were listed as ‘Private’, hence when customers left feedback it did not show the product for which the feedback was left. To the casual shopper, this ‘supplier’ looked great, offering very low cost items, but backed with a high number of satisfied customers.

Being concerned that perhaps we were being over-charged by one of our suppliers, we contacted Alphason to see if there had been a price reduction of which we were not aware. During a conversation we asked how this ‘supplier’ was able to offer such low pricing, only to be informed that Alphason had never heard of this company or supplied it with any products. Interestingly, this ‘supplier’ has now disappeared from eBay.

It was with interest that today we were made aware of this story in the UK’s Sun newspaper :-


Ultimately, unless a company is selling deeply personal products, then there are few legitimate reasons why they should list items as ‘Private’.

We want potential customer to know that our existing customers are delighted with the service they received, but we also want them to see that the feedback left is relevant to their potential purchase. Our potential customers can see that the feedback left is legitimate and relates to the products they’re considering buying. Our feedback relates to products from under £20, through to over £1000. Of our over a 1000 listed products on eBay, only a couple have been listed by us as ‘Private’, this is due to the nature of the products.

For more information on our feedback, please CLICK HERE





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