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LG 86BH5C Ultra-Stretch Wide Digital Signage Mount BT9905

We’re  pleased to announce the launch of a B-Tech commercial-grade mount, specifically designed for the mightily impressive LG 86BH5C, ultra-wide digital signage monitor.

Having an 86″ diameter screen with a viewing ratio of 58:9, there are very few mounts available that can cope with this displays weight; paired with the none-standard 600 x 200mm wall mounting fixing points.

With this in mind, UK based B-Tech has produced the BT9905, specifically designed to perfectly suit the LG 86BH5C. Having a maximum load capacity of 50kg, the BT9905 can easily support the weight of the LG 86HN5C

As standard, the BT9905 is supplied as a wall mount, but being compatible with B-Tech’s SYSTEM X, the BT9905 can also be ceiling or floor mounted, using standard B-Tech 50mm diameter poles.

This impressive mount from B-Tech allows the rear of the LG 86BH5C to be as close as just 45mm from the supporting wall, just enough space to allow access to the monitor’s connectors and cables.

B-Tech is also working on a PORTRAIT mounting bracket for the LG 86BH5C, once this is available, we will of course be stocking and promoting that mount too.

As standard, this mount is supplied with security screws to help prevent the unauthorised removal of the LG 86BH5C monitor.

Once the monitor is located onto the BT9905 wall bracket, the screen levelling can be adjusted using fine-adjustment screws.

Please see the following link for full details : CLICK HERE

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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