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Summer 2016 Exceptional Demand – Euros 2016, Olympics & Festivals

The summer of 2016 is offering perhaps the greatest demand for multiple screen displays.

With the Euro 2016 football championships and the summer Olympics coinciding with the peak of the summer festival season, it’s clear that there are major opportunities, but also a pending stock shortage.

Prior to all major sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup tournaments, we always warn our potential customers that there will be stock shortages during the run-up to the event. The demand during the summer of 2016 will be exceptional due to all the home nations, except Scotland, qualifying for the UEFA Euro 2016 finals. This more widespread demand will be exacerbated by the coinciding Brazil Olympics and the growing demand from summer festivals.

All we ever advise is that potential customers should act early, rather than wait for products to become cheaper. It’s a basic principle of sales that when stock is short and demand is high, stock just isn’t discounted, closer to the event.

If you think you will be needing a display during the summer of 2016, buy early rather than being left without stock, or finding yourself having to pay a price premium.

To see our full range of commercial-grade stands, please CLICK HERE

To see our full range of commercial-grade trolleys, please CLICK HERE

We have reviewed our pricing for the run-up to the summer 2016 events, and will not be able to lower our prices, closer to the events.


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bt8370-3x3 without screens

bt8370-black with screensbt8370-3x3 with screenspft8810



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