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B-Tech Launches New Range of Multiple Screen, Free-Standing Floor Stands – BT8370


There’s little to match the shear brilliance and impact of a multiple screen video wall. Unless the environment is very dark, not even a large screen projector can compete with a wall composed of multiple TVs or Monitors. Given the multi-screen matrix switching technology available, there’s nothing that can directly compete with the dynamic imagery available.

The permanent installation nature of multiple video screens can however prove to be a limiting factor. Firstly, the supporting wall needs to be strong enough to support several hundred Kgs of expensive video screens and mounting hardware. Often it’s just not practical to install a video wall, and sometimes it’s simply against any tenancy agreement.

The most high profile video wall installations are of course at exhibition centres or at temporary point of sale installations, again the permanent nature of these installations can prove to be a difficulty.

With this in mind, UK manufacturer B-Tech has introduced a modular, easy to assemble, range of multiple screen stands.

To see our full range of multiple screen, self supporting stands, please CLICK HERE

The BT8370 range of stands is a range of high quality and commercial-grade self supporting stands, which are most suitable for exhibitions, public attractions, point of sale and showroom applications. Being self supporting, there is no requirement for structurally supporting walls, hence wall surfaces remain undamaged.

A recent application which came to fruition was for use on-stage as a backdrop to a stage show; we’re also currently working with a event staging company where is is likely that a large 9 screen video-wall will be used behind a touring band, again this was previously impractical for a fixed video wall.

bt8370-3x3 with screens bt8370-3x3 without screens bt8370-black with screens

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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