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B -Tech’s BT7592 & BT7593 Hospital TV Arm Could Help Reduce NHS Spending, at least by a little bit….

Today, the BBC reported that NHS Trusts in England had “racked up a £930m deficit in the first 3 months of the financial year“.

Whilst we may not be healthcare professionals, nor could we ever offer advice on the operational costs of a hospital, we know of two great products from B-Tech that could present a cost saving over other TV mounting hardware currently being installed.

The B-Tech BT7592 and the BT7593

bt7593 in situ (2)

These long-reach TV arms are ideal for mounting a TV, behind or to the side of a patient’s bed. Having a very small wall mounting ‘footprint’, little of the precious wall space is required. Having a 1.6m reach from the wall and an exceptional degree of flexibility, these arms are ideal for locating a TV screen in the perfect position, allowing comfortable viewing, especially for a person with limited mobility.bt7593 1

In terms of the specifications of these arm mounts, only the maximum load capacity varies, the BT7592 has a maximum load capacity of 5kg, whereas the BT7593 has a maximum load capacity of 8kg.

For more information on these fantastic Hospital Arm Mounts, please call 0845 835 0266


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