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Above Counter Takeaway Restaurant Multiple Screen Menu Mounting System – B-Tech System X BT8330

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Historically, mounting multiple screens in a perfectly straight line above a shop counter was a painstaking and time consuming project, involving countless measurements, remeasurements, checking and rechecking, in the hope that the line of screens would be perfectly level and evenly spaced. Certainly, mounting 2, 3, 4, 5 or even six individual wall mounts that were perfectly positioned was a difficult task even on a flat piece of boarding, add to that the complications of old hidden cables & pipes, and the position of the bricks & mortar made a challenging installation even more tricky and time consuming. There’s nothing worse than perfectly aligning 5 screen mounts to then discover that the positioning of the 6th mount was compromised by weak mortar, a hidden power cable or a countersunk water pipe.

3 screens in situ

To help speed-up and simplify the installation of multiple monitors, UK based manufacturer B-Tech has launched a new range of mounting systems branded SYSTEM X. Rather than relying on the existing 50mm diameter round poles, the new SYSTEM X utilises an extruded aluminium wall mounted rail, onto which multiple screen mounts can be fitted, all perfectly aligned.

As a rough and ‘unscientific’ estimate, we think this new B-Tech SYSTEM X mounting solution could reduce ‘on-site’ installation time of multiple screen installations by more than 60%, a huge labour cost saving!

A few years ago the likes of McDonalds and KFC could justify the costs of multimedia displays above the counter, as it reduced their point of sale printing requirements, it also enabled them to react more quickly to market and price changes. That said, more and more single and small multiple takeaways would love to adopt display screen technology in their stores. but the cost and complexity of the multiscreen installations has put them off.

Sure, buying 6 x VESA400 tilting mounts wouldn’t break the bank, but the closure of the store for a few days while the installer painstakingly fitted the mounts perfectly aligned and spaced, would certainly be a major concern.

By using the SYSTEM X mounting rail, as few as 8 holes would need to be drilled into the mounting surface, and even these wall brackets can be located in suitably strong areas, they can be mounted to avoid weaker and less structurally secure positions.


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