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B-Tech BT7807 Twin Pole Mounting System – All new installation applications possible for very large LCD, LED & Plasma Flat Screens

With the introduction of the B-Tech BT7807 twin-pole ceiling or floor mount, the opportunities to install very large screen LCD, LED & Plasma flat screen TVs and Monitors have expended massively.

Traditionally, retail floor to ceiling or shop-window installations tended to be ‘hung’ from the ceiling with a small base fixing to prevent the pole from moving. This was a fantastic installation, assuming that the ceiling was capable of supporting the combined weight of the display and the mounting hardware. Clearly in many cases this limited the screen size, often the screen size was compromised by the maximum load-weight of the supporting structure. Quite often, displayed in a retail ship window, it’s possible to see a 42″ flat screen, often it appears to be ‘lost’ when compared to the available space. It quite often appears that a compromise was made somewhere in the window design process.

Clearly, for some ‘in-store designers’, the very safe but bulky free-standing TV / Monitor stands don’t quite fit the design brief. Having to dedicate valuable in-window floor space for the necessary floor stand base, would not be a designers 1st choice.

The new BT7807 from B-Tech not only allows much larger screens to be mounted in-store or in window, it also takes-up far less floor space, allowing designers to fully utilise the available display space and remove any potential trip hazard.


Perhaps not the most exciting piece of hardware when taken out of context, but seen in various installation configurations, then the possibilities and the applications are many.

BT7807- 2X2 Video Wall Mockup-3300-3000BT7807-4-3300-3000

For more information on how the BT7807 twin pole mount could be used for your particular installation, please call 0845 835 0266


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