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Customer On-Line Reviews – ‘The Truth Will Out’ – BBC Report Is A Disappointment

We’ve long understood and accepted that not everything one reads on-line is entirely truthful. Companies are prone to exaggerate; and negative customer reviews, although skewed by a poor buying experience, can sometimes be exceptionally harsh.

Last year, I remember reading a ‘customer’ review of the Barclay Intercontinental Hotel in Manhattan, in which we had spent a week celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary, a hotel that we knew very well and loved. If we had not been familiar with the hotel and had depended on this customer’s review, then there was absolutely no-way we would have selected this particular hotel. We don’t know why the customer was so upset and disappointed with the Barclay intercontinental, but from the customer’s review, one might have surmised that it was located in a demilitarised zone, not on the corner of East 48th and Lexington!

Anyway, to each his own, it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.

Our biggest disappointment today is that it appears that so-called ‘independent’ and trustworthy review websites are being abused by companies, to both falsely denigrate their competitors, but to also falsely promote the benefits of their products and services.

To see the BBC report into this sad indictment on the review sites, then please CLICK HERE

To see the BBC report into ‘Fake online customer reviews’, please CLICK HERE

Websites such as Amazon, Play.com and eBay only allow actual customers to leave feedback. To leave feedback, a customer must have at least purchased the product, or purchased the supplier’s services. I would imagine that most suppliers who have operated on these buying platforms for many years, have experienced the odd customer who has demanded a retrospective discount, to prevent them from leaving a less than complimentary review. Fortunately, the operators of these buying platforms will not tolerate such ‘buyer’ behaviour and will take action to remove unjustified customer reviews or feedback.

Perhaps it’s time to start selling the true benefits of these ‘on-line’ buying platforms, of course they offer great value, but the level of customer protection is far greater than buying from some independent websites. Sadly, as can be seen from the BBC reports, the supplier and product feedback can be far more reliable than the so-called independent feedback left on review websites.

It’s such a shame that the initial and noble concept of supplying reviews of real customers’ buying experiences, enabling prospective customers make a decent buying decision, may have been lost or is being abused.

To view our eBay customer reviews, please CLICK HERE

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