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Premier B60-VPM, B72-VPM & B84-VPM, PFF7820 All out of stock until August 2015

Sadly, if you’re looking to purchase the Premier Mounts’ / Vogel’s single chrome pole VESA200 floor stand, then once again we’re unable to source this product from the manufacturer.


Potential customers were rightly informed by us that no further stock of the Premier Mounts / Vogel’s PSP-B base (Vogel’s pff7820) would be available until August 2015. These customers were all willing to place and pay for their orders on an assurance that we could deliver them quickly. We advised these potential customers that we simply could not offer such a guarantee, as there was no new stock in UK.

We know that most commercial-grade TV stands and trolleys are purchased for a specific event, an event with a fixed and inflexible date.

As a business, if we know of a stock issue or a potential delay problem, we will always inform customers, prior to taking an order. We would far rather turn-down business than ultimately let-down a customer.

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