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The eBay Money-Back Guarantee….. A cautionary tale

A little while ago, we purchased a product on eBay for just under £200.

A few days after the expected delivery date, we contacted the supplier to see if there was a problem with the order, as it was yet to arrive. It wasn’t an urgent delivery and there was a Bank Holiday during the delivery process, so we actually chased the delivery 7 working days after the product’s expected date of delivery.

The supplier checked with their courier (DHL) who confirmed that the item had been delivered to  “number 34 and signed for by J Moores”. Sadly, our address is not number 34 and the people at number 34 are not called “Moores;  and most certainly did not receive or sign for this parcel.

Sadly, the supplier would not help any further as they were accepting the courier’s line that it had been successfully delivered. We reluctantly found it necessary to ‘raise a case’ with eBay and claim-back our purchase cost of just under £200, via the eBay Buyer’s Guarantee.

After all, the Buyer’s Guarantee is very clear :-

“Get the product you ordered or we will refund your money”

That’s all we wanted.

After a protracted series of phone calls and email messages to the eBay Customer Services Department, sadly this is not the way it worked out!

As the supplier provided a ‘proof of delivery’ albeit to an obviously incorrect address and signed for by an unknown person, then the eBay Customer Services Department decided to close the case in favour of the supplier and deny us a refund..

We have absolutely no doubt that the supplier acted in good faith and shipped the product. Our issue is that the courier clearly did not deliver the item to us, or to our nearby neighbour at number 34, again nobody called Moores was resident at that address.

It is very clear that the courier is at fault here, but as eBay found in favour of our supplier, the supplier will now not chase the courier to see where the product was actually left. It appears our only option is to visit every number 34 within a 10 mile radius in the hope of finding a Mr, Mrs, or Ms Moores.

As a result, we neither have the product we ordered nor our refund via eBay.

Our advice is that if a product you have ordered is not delivered on the day that it is expected, then do not wait and give the courier or supplier a little grace. Act immediately. If we had acted more quickly, then perhaps we could have received more help from our supplier or the courier, rather than the ‘successfully delivered’ nonsense.

Having bought many products via eBay and Amazon over the years, this was the 1st time we have found it necessary to contact either company with regard to a failed delivery. Sadly, our experience was not at all satisfactory.

As a long-standing supplier of some very expensive items, our customers can be assured that unless the courier can prove it was delivered to their address or an immediate neighbour with the correct surname, we would always take our customer’s side and replace the product.

From our long-standing experience, just like any other profession, couriers make mistakes, but the receiving customer should never be left in a position where they do not receive their purchased product, or a refund.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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