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Apollo Dawn – Main Stage – Atmosfield Festival May 30th 2015

Well it’s true, the sun really does shine on the righteous.

Following a week of weather that would generally be expected towards the end of October; and the day before torrential rain and storm-force winds, the clouds above Greater Manchester parted, and the sun shone on Peel Park in Salford. Atmosfield was ready to party, and party it most certainly did!

The weather certainly played its part by deciding Saturday the 30th of May would be bright and just a little bit breezy. Not quite shorts and T-shirt weather for the vast majority of the Mancunian public, but for festival-goers, only a little encouragement was needed to don their summer festival attire.

With the sun at its highest point of the day, Apollo Dawn took to the stage with its huge sound flooding the Atmosfield festival village with its unique blend of fine vocal harmonies, piano, guitar, drums and samples. Tom Shearwood on vocals/ keyboard / sample pad, Maisie Johnson on vocals / guitar and guest drummer Jacob ‘Leff’ Leff, launched the main stage event with a fine mix of original material, setting the standard for a great afternoon and evening.

To follow Apollo Dawn, were several bands and artists including Noasis, The Hoosiers and MistaJam.

apollow dawn atmosfield stage Tom-shearwood-atmosfieldMaisie-johnson-atmosfield  11393198_486483671500108_6125905056909356639_n

To keep up to date with Apollo Dawn news and upcoming events please CLICK HERE or HERE


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