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Can we have an election every year please? – Mobile TV / Monitor Stand and Trolley Sales Increase Massively Year-on-Year BT8506

To be fair, we can’t be sure whether it’s just the upcoming election, but our year-on-year sales growth is significantly up.

To view our full range of commercial TV/Monitor stands, please CLICK HERE

To view our full range of commercial TV/Monitor trolleys, please CLICK HERE

There’s no doubt that generally, business is growing as our corporate customers are increasing their capital spend.

As with each recession, when advertising spend is slashed, each recovery sees marketing spend increase. With the multitude of advertising agencies offering truly interactive multimedia advertising, then perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that larger and larger flat screen TVs and Monitors are being exploited.

The perfect storm of an election, a recovering economy, increased advertising spend and the reducing cost of super-sized TV & monitors, has resulted in a huge demand for very large screen stands and trolleys. Certainly we’ve experienced greater recent demand than we were able to achieve during Brazil’s FIFA World Cup Finals in 2014

Just today, we have supplied a well know sportswear company with three of B-Tech’s mightily impressive BT8506 super-sized trolleys, to be used for in-store promotions, throughout the UK.

It appears that whether it’s the weather, the election, or a general confidence in the UK’s recovery, now is a great time to buy very large screen displays and mounting hardware.

Let’s hope the business continues to grow and that any uncertainty regarding the UK’s status within the EEC, doesn’t compromise it.

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