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Alphason Price Increase May 2015 – we will still offer the best on-line pricing & support

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Sadly, after more than 2 years, Alphason has found it necessary to take into consideration the weak GBP versus the US Dollar exchange rate, and price increases of general raw materials.

Some manufacturers would of course cut corners to maintain their production costs. We’re all familiar with the fact that Mars Bars are smaller than they used to be and that this year, the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs were supplied in boxes on 5 rather than 6! It was an outrage, and they didn’t even taste the same!!

That’s not the Alphason way, Alphason will not compromise on quality.

Over the years, Alphason has built its reputation by producing office and audiovisual furniture to a higher quality than most other manufacturers. By cutting corners and making its furniture to the same lower quality as others, would only dilute and weaken its own brand appeal. In furniture manufacturing, Brand Equity is critical, and to be fair to Alphason its Brand Equity has been hard earned over many years. Generally, customers understand that the Alphason branding on a product is a clear indication that its design and build quality will be significantly better than most other ‘similar’ products on the market.

As we’re a great supporter of Alphason and all that it represents, although we’re disappointed, we fully support its necessary price move.

We’re still committed to offering Alphason products at great pricing, backed by customer support that is second to none, however our pricing must also increase from the 1st of May 2015

All we would suggest is that if you’re considering the purchase of any Alphason furniture, from any supplier; please do so before the end of April, before the necessary, across-the-board price increases.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266



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