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Human Biology Curriculum Learning and Teaching Models

To view our full range of Human Anatomy Teaching Models, please CLICK HERE

As a supplier of audiovisual mounting hardware, desk, furniture and whiteboards to schools, colleges and universities, we were recently contacted by one of our close partner suppliers who asked us to stock and supply its range of Human Biology Curriculum teaching and learning models.

Well, we thought about it for a little while as we had not previously stocked or promoted such products, but then we thought, Why not?

Our initial range covers models of the Human Skull, Brain, Heart, Stomach, Ear, Tooth, Hand and Skeleton; with a whole host of further items to follow.

We listed these products a little over a week ago, and we have been inundated with orders. It appears the current school curriculum has been waiting for low-cost teaching models.

Until now, most schools with limited budgets, relied on printed materials or searches on Google. As an adult, if you have ever tried to search for body parts on Google, then you’re probably now on a CIA or MI5 watch list.

It’s almost impossible for a teacher to search ‘live’ in front of a class for images of a Human Anatomy, without wholly inappropriate materials being returned.

The beauty of these anatomically correct models, is that a pupil or student can open-up each item to see what’s inside and how each organ works, without getting terribly sticky!! There should also be fewer fainting pupils in the classroom.

For more information and bulk pricing, please call 0845 835 0266

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