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B-Tech’s Very Large Screen Trolley/Stand For LCD, LED & Plasma Screens over 65″ & weighing up to 130kg – BACK IN STOCK- BT8506

As we have previously reported, the initial stock of the very impressive BT8506, B-Tech’s very heavy duty stand/trolley just did not last very long, indeed the first production sold-though in just a few days.

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This price-busting trolley stand, capable of supporting very large LCD, LED & Plasma screens weighing up to 130kg, has really tapped into a very hungry marketplace. Now, flat screen displays with diagonal image sizes much larger than 65″ can be mounted onto a portable trolley stand and then relocated around an exhibition centre, stage, school, college, university, visitor attractions or conference centre.BT8506-9-660-600

If your very large TV or Monitor flat screen display weighs less than 130kg and has VESA fittings no wider than 1100mm, this it will almost certainly be compatible with the BT8506, regardless of the screen size, assuming of course that it’s larger than 65″. However, if you have any doubt, please call 0845 835 0266 for advice.

Over the last few months, the trade reaction to the BT8506 has been exceptional, those ‘in the know’ have identified that the quality and price of this trolley, enables a whole new marketplace for very large screen displays. Indeed, the initial stock seemed to solve a backlog of very large screen display problems.

When we initially launched the BT8506, we did warn our customers that initial stock was limited, sadly by the time some customers placed their orders, the initial stock had all been sold.

All we can suggest is that if you have an application or an installation requiring this price-busting trolley stand, then please act quickly as we simply do not know how long this second production will last.

If you have a fixed date for which a BT8506 may be required, such as a festival, trade show, exhibition or other live event, then place your order sooner, rather than later. Obviously, we would like your business, but we genuinely do not want you to be left disappointed.

As future production quantities increase, then the supply chain will free-up, but in the short term, demand is very high for this limited quantity product.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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