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The B-Tech BT4002 Commercial Grade TV / Monitor Floor Stand, now more adaptable, and even better value for money.

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Traditionally, the B-Tech BT4002 very heavy duty LCD, LED or Plasma stand base proved to be an excellent and very sturdy alternative, providing a great base on which to build a safe, commercial-grade large screen display stand.

The only drawback was that it was supplied with the BT8009 back-plate onto which a large screen interface, typically the BT8500 would be mounted. This was great if you needed a flush mount, but if you were using the BT4002 stand base with 2m poles fitted, customers would often have preferred a TILT mechanism. Clearly, a tilt mount could be fitted directly to the poles, but that would mean that the BT8009 back-plate would be surplus to requirements. Not particularly a big deal if a customer was buying a single stand, as the unused BT8009 back-plate would cost in the region of £30. That said, we recently supplied 14 stands to one customer, who was left with 14 x BT8009 unused back-plates.

The great news is that B-Tech has now re-launched the BT4002 stand-base as just that, simply a stand-alone base without any accessories or ancillaries.  Hence, once you have selected the BT4002 base, simply select the pole lengths you require and then decide whether you need a flush or tilting screen mount.

Due to the number of inquiries we have received, we’re very proud to be able to offer the BT4002 with twin 2m poles and a TILTING screen mechanism.

bt4002 bt8432-2 bt8432-1

To view this newly launched commercial-grade TV / Monitor stand, please CLICK HERE

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