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Without Doubt, The Current Trend is Larger TV Mounts

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We were recently reviewing our last year’s performance, when it came so clear that we really don’t sell many single small TV/Monitor mounts anymore. Indeed, apart from multiple screen project work in perhaps call centres, museums and multiple screen video wall displays, we just don’t ship too many single VESA75 or VESA100 mounts anymore.

Selling single flush VESA75 and VESA100 wall mounting brackets has been difficult for several years as there are so many unbranded products being sold on-line for often little more than the cost of the postage. Indeed, we were recently informed by a prospective customer that he thought a VESA100 wall mount bracket, delivered directly to his door at a cost of £8.95 was “a little excessive”. Given that the brackets we supply are manufactured by  B-Tech and are commercial grade, the postage was £3.70 and then of course there was the time and materials needed to actually pack the mount, we respectfully disagreed.

Of course, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

If you’re looking for commercial-grade VESA75 & VESA100 desktop mounts, counter-top stands, ceiling mounts or multiple screen wall mount configurations, then we carry an exceptional range of mounting hardware. We may not be the cheapest supplier of small TV/Monitor mounting brackets, but we are one of only a very small number of B-Tech Preferred Internet Suppliers, and we only supply TUV / UL mounts that are suitable for use in public access environments.

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A1007-10-LARGE4 x 3 x 23 side by side twin standul-logo-safety-feature-c_img_largeAltrex_Tuv_Nord_001


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