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Low Cost Global Truss F34 Lighting Rig TV Monitor, Speaker and Projector Mounts Now Available.

To view our range of B-Tech SYSTEM 2 components, please CLICK HERE

By using the full compliment of B-Tech’s SYSTEM 2 mounting hardware, we’re now able to suspend most sizes of flat panel Monitors / TVs, Projectors and Speakers from the ever-popular Global Truss F34 truss assemblies.

By using the B-Tech range of 50mm truss clamps, alongside the newly launched BT7841 split ‘retro-fit’ 50mm collar, we can now supply suspended pole mounts and brackets for most LCD, LED & Plasma TV and Monitor screens.

Indeed, we have recently supplied a customer with a suspended 4 x 4 screen matrix using 4 x 2m poles with truss clamps with 4 commercial grade tilting screens mounts, capable of supporting a total load weight of 560kg, more than enough weight capacity for 4 x 60″ LED screens.

z_truss_35 (1)

The existing B-Tech truss mount was ideal for attaching vertical poles to horizontal F34 trusses, however the release of the new B-Tech BT7841 split 50mm collar allows poles and mounts to be retro-fitted to both horizontal and vertical truss sections. Previously, the B-Tech mounting collars we not able to slide onto the 50mm truss sections, limiting the use of the B-Tech SYSTEM 2 system. With the new ‘retro-fit’ BT7841 split collar, the whole Global Truss F34 system is ideal for mounting flat screen TVs, Monitors, Projectors and speakers.

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BT4041-B-1-660-600BT7841-B-7-660-600   BT7841-B-8-660-600


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