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Vogel’s Commercial LCD, LED & Display Stands – Warning over pricing & supply, VP-ST150, VP-ST180 & VP-ST20 Ranges

There is absolutely no doubt that the Vogel’s commercial-grade single and double pole stands are an exceptionally smart alternative to the standard, more industrial-looking stands that are widely available.

Clearly, as with most things in life, it’s fair to say that you get what you pay for.

The Vogel’s range, as can be viewed by clicking here, uses very high quality steel bases with extruded aluminium upright support poles, producing elegantly styled and yet robust display devices.

We have noticed over the last few weeks that there appears to be a number of new suppliers advertising these products on-line, claiming to be able to supply these products at a reduced cost.

Due to the very specialist nature of these stands, based on the safe selection of the correct components, there are only a limited number of companies able to purchase these products from Vogel’s or the Vogel’s exclusive UK distributor.

If you’re offered these products by an on-line retailer or auction site, then please check that they are able to actually source these stands.

It appears that there are a number of companies who have assumed that as they may have access to some of Vogel’s products, that they also have access to this range. In many instances, this is simply not the case.

We appreciate that there are companies with very low overheads that would be perfectly capable of working within very reduced margins, enabling them to offer products at a lower cost than ourselves. However, there are certain products that require a very specialist level of  service, support and product knowledge, hence only a limited number of qualifying dealers are able to buy them from Vogel’s or the exclusive UK distributor.

All we suggest is that if you’re offered any of the stands, as listed HERE, then please clarify with the supplier that they are indeed able to source the stands from the UK exclusive distributor. It appears that there are some on-line offers that are truly, too good to be true.

For more information, please call : 0845 835 0266

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