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Controversial Charlie Hebdo 14th of January Issue Listed on eBay

As a company, we never comment on Politics or Religion. We don’t even comment on sport!!

Whilst we are naturally supportive of those with an entrepreneurial spirit, it really feels as though it’s several ‘steps too far’ to attempt to make a financial profit from such a tragic series of events.

It seems that our beliefs are not shared by everyone, but to be fair why should everyone share our beliefs?

Sadly, compounding the tragedies of last week, it does appear that there are companies and individuals listing copies of Charlie Hebdo (14th of Jan issue) on eBay, who are simply profiting from a series of terrible tragedies.

By 11:30am on the 14th of January, dozens of listings on eBay were offering copies of the new issue of Charlie Hebdo, many at vastly inflated prices. Some are printed hard copies, whereas others were PDF emailed copies.

However, we understand that all profits raised by the authorised selling of the 14th of January issue, are to be donated to the families of those who’s lives were so tragically cut-short in France last week.

If you’re interested in buying a copy of this controversial publication, then please see the following link. This link is not offering to sell a copy of the publication, it merely points-out that copies can be purchased directly from the publisher and distributors, ensuring that any monies raised goes to those to whom it’s intended :-


Whilst we neither praise nor condemn those wishing to purchase a copy of this controversial publication, we feel uncomfortable that there are those who are willing to make a financial gain from such an awful tragedy.


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