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Black Friday Is Now A Real Deal In The UK !!

Being regular travellers to the United States, we were familiar with the concept of Black Friday, it being a major sales-day, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. Traditionally, Black Friday is the first day of the US Christmas shopping season, when retailers move from ‘being in the red’ to ‘being in the black’.

Until a couple of years ago, Black Friday was just not on the UK’s radar. Having no Thanksgiving holiday, there was no ‘call to action’ for Christmas shopping on the last Friday of November. Certainly, the last weekend of November was always busy, it being the one where customers received their last monthly salary payments, prior to Christmas. Retailers however did not use Black Friday as a marketing tool, nor did they offer ‘loss-leader’ products to attract customers into their stores.

Well, November 28th 2014 should be considered the date when Black Friday ‘arrived’ in the UK. Not only have major High Street retailers been offering fantastic reductions on certain product lines, they have invested massively on TV, Radio, Internet, Social Media and Print Media advertising. Indeed, Social Media has been alive with stories of great bargains; however there have also been reports of some very poor customer behaviour. Indeed, several incidents throughout the UK resulted in the police being called to ‘calm-down’ over-excited shoppers.

Today our internet sales and our telephone sales are testament to there being an awful lot of new TVs being purchased. In one morning, we have sold more TV stands than we have for the whole of the previous week. Obviously, we’re not complaining, but have we simply brought-forward our January sales by a few weeks?  Or, is this incremental business? Only time will tell!!

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