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How do you wall mount a very large screen TV when the walls are plasterboard or steel framed partition walls?

One of our most-read blog articles relates to whether it’s safe to install a large screen flat panel LCD, LED or Plasma screen onto a plasterboard (dry-wall) partition wall.

It’s safe to say that for most small to medium sized screens, typically those with a diagonal screen size up to 42″, assuming that at least some of the wall mount fixings are secured to the wall’s internal wooden battens, then there should not be a problem. Of course we could not recommend an extending arm mount, or a tilting mount, but a wide-fitting, flush mount would usually be perfectly safe.

But, what do you do if you really want to install larger diameter screens onto a plasterboard (dry-wall) wall? 

Well in all honesty it might be worth looking at another option. Using the B-Tech SYSTEM 2 component system, we can offer such an alternative. Although not mounted absolutely flush to the wall, the back of the TV can be as close as around 125mm (around 5″)

The following image shows a floor to ceiling installation, where the weight is supported by the ceiling fixings and the bases of the poles are secured to the floor using a neat floor fixing trim.install-2
For each screen, this installation uses the following components :-

Ceiling mount plate x 2  BT7822

1.5m chrome pole x 4 BT7850-150 (Cut to length and joined by a central pole joiner)

External pole joiner x 2 BT7824

Floor fixing trim x 2 BT7056

Screen mount x 1 BT8432

Heavy duty mounting collars x 2 BT7051

The central pole joiners (BT7824) allow the power and signal cables to be fed through the top or bottom of the poles and exit them at the midway point, ensuring that the cables are out of sight.

For more information on how to make the best use of the B-Tech SYSTEM 2 component system, please call us on 0845 835 0266


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