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Alphason TV Cabinet Stand Ranges Expanded To Cater For Larger TV Trends, – Soon for up to 80″ TVs.

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Only a few years ago, a 42″ Plasma screen was deemed to be the largest TV anyone would consider for a ‘standard’ home environment. Of course there have always been those whose living-rooms were large enough to sustain a much bigger screen, but in most cases, these would have been wall mounted. It’s true that these early Plasma and LCD TVs did have sizable frames, making them very imposing in most lounges.

In the early days of Plasma TVs, their low screen resolutions meant that you couldn’t sit too close to them, as the image appeared to be very pixelated. However, with the new 2K and 4K screen resolutions, combined with HD video receivers and computer downloads, then if you really want a cinema experience in your living room, there’s not too much to stop you.

It’s still true, if a large flat panel TV can be wall mounted, then for many reasons that’s probably still the best installation solution.

That’s of course all well and good if you have a large enough wall space on a structurally sound wall, but what if your only option is a partition wall, or there simply isn’t enough wall space for a new 60″ or 80″ LED TV?

UK based manufacturer Alphason, has now extended its range of TV stands and cabinets to allow for TVs with diagonal screen sizes up to 60″. With cabinet widths up to 1400mm wide, and even wider ones on the way, then soon we will be able to offer stands measuring 2500mm wide, capable of supporting TVs with diagonal images measuring up to 80″.

It seems that there is no lack of appetite for very large screen TVs, even in the most modest of homes.

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