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Vogel’s projector ceiling mount security tool EPC4010 (VPC545)

On Friday morning we took a phone call from a local customer who was panicking as they were due to move their business offices over the weekend. Several years ago they were supplied a Vogel’s EPC4010 (VPC545) by a now defunct on-line retailer, and they had an urgent requirement to remove it from a ceiling. Sadly, the special security screw tool had long since gone a stray.

The problem was that they needed to remove their existing Vogel’s projector ceiling mount from their boardroom’s oak panelled ceiling, without causing damage. Any damage would result in them losing a security deposit of many hundreds of pounds.

By typing in a Google search  “projector mounting hardware Manchester”, the came across our 0845 835 0266 telephone number.

To the customer’s delight, after a very brief ‘root around’, we located the necessary special security tool. Around 15 minutes later a motorcycle courier collected the tool from us. Within a further 40 minutes, a very relieved customer called us to express their delight that the projector mount had been removed from the ceiling, leaving just two small screw-holes in the oak panelling, which could easily be filled and stained the correct colour.

As we had only to ‘root around’ for about 5 minutes to find the special tool, we did not charge the customer, we offered it as a ‘good-will’ gesture.

It transpired that our ‘good-will’ gesture was gratefully appreciated, and we have now been asked to quote for more than 20 magnetic whiteboards of various dimensions for their new office complex. Although there is absolutely no guarantee that we will achieve this business, we will certainly give it a good go,  but we would not have even known about this business potential, without first offering a helping-hand.

It just goes to confirm that a good deed can indeed go a long-way… Oh, and this morning the customer returned the special tool, using the same motorcycle courier.

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