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Flat Screen TV Safety & Security – What’s the ‘tipping-point’, and what’s the real cost?

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LCD, LED & Plasma flat screens are now commonplace in our homes, certainly now more commonplace than the older-style CRT square type TVs.

In terms of space-saving and screen size, then flat screen TVs are far more practical. Imagine having an older-style CRT TV with a 50~60” screen in your living room, would there actually be enough space for any other furniture?

It’s of course basic physics, the bigger the screen the larger the base should be, to enable it to be safe and secure. There is absolutely no doubt that all current flat panel TVs are safe and secure, if left alone. It’s very rare that apart from the odd dusting, there is any reason to even touch the TV, the remote control offers all the function controls necessary.

That said, perhaps not everyone in your home fully understands how stable or unstable a flat screen TV can be. If you’re aged over 20, you’ll probably remember how stable the older CRT TVs were, and perhaps you’re subconsciously aware that the current, very large screen TVs need to be treated differently. Due to the very upright design, if not treated with sufficient care, if a large flat screen is bumped into or knocked-off the TV stand, then it can fall-over,  not only causing damage to the TV, but potentially causing injury, or even more frightening, a fatal injury.

Three or four years ago, a 40” ~ 42” TV was considered a ‘large’ TV, but we’re now seeing much larger screens being bought for the home. A 32” TV may cause a bump or a bruise, however a 50” ~ 60” TV falling onto a small child or pet, could be an absolute tragedy.

The facts and statistics

The information below is taken from the following reports, published in the USA. Although these are US reports, we do not believe there are many environmental or product differences between the US and EEC markets.  :-

2012 Safe Kids Worldwide report “ A Report to the Nation on Home Safety: The Dangers of TV Tip-Overs”

2012 U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission report : “Product Instability”

Key Fact taken from the above reports :-

Most injuries caused by a tipping-over TV occur to children under 5 years of age.

In the USA, every 45 minutes, a child  with injuries caused by a tipping TV is taken to an Accident & Emergency department in a hospital

During 2011 alone, in the USA, 17,000 injuries were attributed to TV instability.

Tragically, again in the USA, a child dies every 3 days, due to a TV tipping-over.

In the last 10 years, again in the USA, injuries attributed to TV instability have risen by over 30%.

The solution

There is little doubt that a correctly installed, wall mounted TV, eliminates most of the risk of a tipping TV. By using a TUV or UL tested and approved wall mount which is correctly installed, then the risk of a falling TV is almost entirely eradicated.

Having been involved in the selling of in excess of 90,000 UL or TUV tested and approved TV wall mount brackets, we have never known of a TV falling from one that we have sold.

Many flat panel TV stands allow the flat screen TV to be physically attached to the stand, these are termed ‘Cantilever’ TV stands. These Cantilever TV stands often allow for a larger or wider footprint, spreading the load over a wider floor space. Clearly, these stands offer a greater degree of stability, and are much safer than simply having the TV sitting on a shelf or tabletop.

Particularly for households with smaller children, then it’s imperative that larger flat panel LCD, LED or Plasma screens are safely secured.

If you have any doubt that one or more of your family members may not appreciate the dangers of a large screen flat panel TV tipping-over, then please don’t become a statistic.  Secure your TV today, it could just be the best money you’ve ever spent.

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