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Premier Mounts, AM300 / Vogel’s PFW6852 No UK Stock Availability

Just a quick update…

Unless a supplier is physically holding stock, there is no UK availability of the Premier Mounts’ AM300 / Vogel’s PFW6852.

A customer who recently phoned asking for supply of a Premier Mounts’ AM300 / Vogel’s PFW6852, was informed that there was no UK stock available. During a follow-up phone conversation the customer informed us that had been able to source a unit from an eBay supplier. The customer called again today asking if we had stock available, as the eBay supplier was not able to supply the product after-all.

As the sole UK importer has not had stock for a number of weeks, it is highly unlikely that any UK dealers are currently holding stock, and if they are holding stock then we would expect them to maximise the opportunity and charge a premium for an immediate delivery.

If you’re looking to purchase an AM300 / PFW6852 from an on-line supplier, then please take care. All we would advise is that you contact the supplier directly and ask the question “Do you physically hold stock, or are you expecting the importer to supply it on your behalf?”

Clearly, if you’re looking for a heavy duty extending arm  mount, then from the same stable, we’re able to offer the Premier AM100 / Vogel’s PFW6850.

Being a multi-vendor supplier, we’re also able to offer similar heavy duty extending mounts from our other manufacturers.

If you wish to view our full range of TV wall mounting brackets, please CLICK HERE


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