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Delivery charges for rural areas “tackled by UK government”

It’s interesting that ‘on-line’ retailers are being targeted and accused of being unfair to customers located in remote parts of the UK, including the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Please CLICK HERE to see the report on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk

Well, we agree – Nobody should be discriminated against, due to their location within the UK.

From reports on the BBC website, it appears that the UK government believes that it is the ‘on-line’ retailers simply deciding to profit from customers located in ‘remote’ locations.

From a responsible retailer’s perspective, we have never made additional profit from customers located outside of the UK mainland, or those located in the Highlands of Scotland.

Although some of our deliveries are subject to additional carriages, we simply pass-on whatever we’re charged by the couriers, we have never inflated what we’re charged, just to make a little more profit.

It appears to us that the UK government, targeting ‘on-line’ retailers is not the sensible approach. Clearly, nationwide couriers should be the ones being targeted and they should offer a nationwide, uniformed delivery cost.

Whatever the conclusion of this investigation by the UK government, the only outcome will be increased delivery charges for the majority, and perhaps a small decrease for some. If today, we were forced to offer uniform pricing for the whole of the UK, then we would have to increase our general delivery charges, to offset the higher courier costs to the more ‘remote’ regions. As a company, we are charged much higher rates by the couriers for deliveries to the Scottish Highlands, Scottish Offshore, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel Isles & Northern Ireland.

Perhaps the UK government would be better to concentrate on ensuring that all locations within the UK, received the most reliable and fastest of internet services, wouldn’t this be more appreciated by the majority, rather than a small decrease in delivery charges?

Clearly, this investigation process could prove to be a total and utter waste of government time and money anyway. If on the 18th of September 2014, Scotland decides to take the independence route, then who knows what the currency, fuel costs, road tax and other associated delivery costs would be.

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