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B-Tech Launches Low Cost Multi-Screen Video Wall Mount Bracket – BT8311

Following the successful launch of its BT8310 video wall mounting bracket, B-Tech has now followed that up, by launching the BT8311.

To see the new BT8311, please CLICK HERE

The new BT8311 is effectively a cut-down version of the existing BT8310, having the full 8 individual adjustments points. The only feature that has been removed is the extending (pop-out) from the wall feature.

Where budget is not limited, then of course the BT8310 is the recommended option, each screen being able to extend away from the wall to allow access the the back each screen. However, for most multiple screen video walls, not all the screens need to pop-away from the wall. Typically, on a 3×3 (9 screen) video wall, only the centre screen needs to be able to extend away from the wall, the other 8 wall mount brackets don’y. Hence a 3×3 video wall would require only 1 x BT8310 and 8 x BT8311, therefore hugely reducing the costs.

An added benefit of the BT8311 is that it can be mounted onto the B-Tech 50mm pole mounting system, allowing video-walls to be effectively supported floor to ceiling, without the need of a structural wall support. This is a fantastic benefit, allowing for more creative and imaginative installations.

Brief Specification

Suitable for screens weighing up to 50kg,
VESA200 ~ VESA400 as standard,
VESA600 & VESA800 compatible using adaptors (optional extra),
8 x tool-less micro-adjustment points.

To see the B-Tech BT8311 full specifications, please CLICK HERE

To see the B-Tech BT8311 Installation Guide, please CLICK HERE


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