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BBC’s Dragons’ Den using Premier Mounts’ (Vogel’s) Commercial Grade Very Heavy Duty TV Trolley

Once again, we’re able to confirm that one of our Premier Mounts’ (Vogel’s) EBC60-UFA commercial grade TV trolleys made an appearance on a mainstream TV show. This time the EBC60-UFA was used on episode 2 of the 12th series of The BBC’s Dragons’ Den, 1st broadcast on BBC2 on the 27th of July 2014.

David and Asi from ‘Lost My Name’, presented their innovative interactive book publishing website, which allows customers to customise a children’s story. Not only can the child’s name be included, but the individual letters of the child’s name then steers the story’s plot-line. Each character or animal the child meets on their quest to rediscover their name, spells-out the child name. A huge database of animals and characters is used, to compile and create a truly personal story.

The story is then individually printed and bound and then a hard copy, posted to the customer.

The Lost My Name website can be found HERE

After initial scepticism, David and Asi were able to convince dragon, Piers Linney to invest £100,000 for what was effectively just a 5% share of their exciting business.


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