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Modular, Low-Cost, Multiple LCD, LED & Plasma Video Walls – New BT8310 Wall Mount from B-Tech

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For many years, the installation of the multiple screen video- walls was limited to a just a few very specialist companies. As is common throughout the business world, the fewer the suppliers, the higher the cost. It really was a great example of  ‘Supplier & Demand’

To be fair, most companies offered a very high degree of technical ability and experience, to produce high quality, very precise video-wall installations, albeit at a price.

It was truly a ‘chicken and egg’ situation, without the prerequisite experience, it was almost impossible for new companies to ‘crack into the market’. It was almost a closed-shop scenario.

The limitation preventing new companies from entering this market was primarily the cost of this very specialist mounting hardware. This expense was also accompanied by the complexity of the installation, often depending on huge amounts of very tiny adjustments, to enable the screens to align correctly.

Now, UK based B-Tech International, has blown this market wide-open, allowing the installation of multiple-screen video walls at significantly lower pricing. By adopting a modular approach, this lower-cost option has not only made it simpler and quicker to complete an installation, it has also opened-up whole new market sectors. It’s not just the privileged few, multiple-screen video walls can now be afforded by many more public display environments.

An added benefit of this new modular approach by B-Tech is that servicing of a single defunct screen within a wall does not mean that access is required from adjoining screens or from behind the screens. It’s simply a case of using a push / release to allow the faulty screen to be popped-forward, allowing cables to be checked or replaced, or indeed the whole screen to be replaced. This modular approach, reduces service time, costs and screen down-time, this is of course a major issue when it comes to a screen being used for ‘paid-for’ advertising.

The Key features of this new modular Video-Wall mounting hardware, from B-Tech as are as follows :-

Modular mount for unlimited wall display configurations.

Fits screens with VESA® mounting patterns from 200 x 200mm up to 400 x 400mm.

VESA® adapter kit available (separately) for mounting patterns from 600 x 400mm up to 800 x 400mm.

Suitable for Screens up to 50kg (110lbs).

Suitable for landscape or portrait screen mounting.

Tool-less micro-adjustments with 8 knobs for seamless  alignment of the wall display.

Push to open / push to close system.

Perfect solution for mounting flat screens into a recessed walls, providing quick and easy service access.

Integrated cable management.

Security screws to avoid accidental release of the screen.

Screen specific template kit available to order separately for quick and easy screen alignment.

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