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What is ‘Split’ Leather and is it ‘real’ leather?

This is a question we have been asked on a few occasions. Sadly, there is huge confusion caused by mis-information ‘flying about’ on the internet, with some parties suggesting ‘split’ leather is not ‘real’ leather.

Well, with reference to the British Standard, BS2780  definition of leather, it is perfectly accurate to describe ‘split’ leather as’ real’.

As you can appreciate, the complete hide of a cow is several mm thick, much too thick to be used on delicate items such as leather wallets, purses, jackets and shoes, and even most furniture. The whole leather hide is split into several layers, from the outer layer complete with its hairs, through to the super-soft inner layers. Each layer is used in specific manufacturing processes where the individual qualities of each layer are best exploited. Therefore, the vast majority of ‘real’ leather items are in fact produced from ‘split’ leather, i.e. a layer or substrate of the original hide. To be accurately described as conforming to BS2780 standard leather, this layer or substrate must have maintained its orignal fibrous structure and be cut from a single sheet.

All Alphason leather chairs are manufactured using ‘split’ leather.

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