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Above or below LCD, LED or Plasma TV Soundbar speaker mount bracket, B-Tech BTV914 & Vogel’s Sound 1250

Reflecting the growth of the Soundbar speaker systems, the mounting hardware industry has reacted by producing suitable mounting hardware.

This new hardware enables the Soundbar speaker to be mounted above or below the flat screen TV or Monitor.

It’s fair to say that as the current LED screens are becoming thinner and thinner, there’s just not enough depth to allow their speakers to produce richly resonating sound,  generally the sound quality is getting quite ‘tinny’. Hence the Soundbar additional speakers are proving to be a real bonus, allowing full rich sound to be produced from a single speaker mounted either above or below the TV or Monitor screen.

Now from our 2 main manufacturer-suppliers, we’re able to offer a choice of high quality and durable Soundbar speaker brackets.

Both systems use the ‘wall mounting’ threaded screw-holes on the back of the back screen to allow the Soundbar speaker to mounted either above or below the flat screen.

To see our Soundbar speaker brackets, please CLICK HERE

The Vogel’s version is to be shipped during the 3rd week of December 2013, hence we will add that link to this blog entry, once stock is available.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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