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We’ve all seen and probably used those wobbly and unstable chipboard desks that have been so prevalent over the last 20 to 30 years or so. OK initially they’re cheap, but although they start-off being reasonably stable, often over a period of time, they tend to start to wobble or lean to one side or the other. Typically, the metal fixings, such as those rotating ‘cam’ style fixings start to wear-away the edges of the holes in the chip-board, causing them to loosen. If you find that you need to relocate the desk, then the action of dismantling and re-assembling the desk often means that it’s never quite the same.

Often, what appeared on the face of it to be a cheaper choice, proves to be more expensive as it’s just not capable of being re-tightening, moved and being rebuilt.

Our desk supplier is the British based manufacturer Alphason, its desks may initially be a little more expensive than the ‘cheaper’ alternatives, but overall lifetime costs are generally lower as they last longer and can be dismantled and re-assembled, maintaining their structure and stability.

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