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Stock Shortages Of Flat Screen TV Stands & Trolleys On The Run Up To The FIFA World Cup

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There’s only so many times we’re able to forewarn customers about potential stock shortages during the run-up to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014.

Every major football tournament results in a shortage of commercial-grade flat screen TV / Monitor mounting hardware. Whether it’s a trolley, stand or wall mount, stock shortages are real and can be very disruptive, ruining potential money-making promotions or activities.

If you suspect stock shortages are a myth intended to stimulate early purchases, or they’re simply a tactic to promote panic buying, then please take note of the current Premier Mounts’ stock shortages. Please pay particular attention to the stands and trolleys. Every autumn there is a steep increase in demand due to the many exhibitions and trade-shows taking place, the FIFA World Cup however increases demand even more dramatically.

Currently, 3 out of 4 of the Premier Mounts’ stand base designs are out of stock in the UK, with new stock not due to arrive into the UK for a number of weeks.

Due to the change of distribution policy of Premier Mounts’ products into the EEC, we just cannot be sure how well stock will ‘hold-up’ in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup finals. As previously reported, stock will be short, it’s a fact of life that it always is. But that, coupled with a change of distribution within Europe could well mean stock is very scarce.

If in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup Premier Mounts’ stock is limited, then this of course affects the supply of other brands’ models, adding even further demand to the already limited stock.

We appreciate that some may believe this to be a scare story to help promote sales, but over the years, we’ve seen so many instances where events have been cancelled or where customers have been forced to ‘short-term’ rent mounting hardware, usually at exorbitant pricing.

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