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Ultra Flush-Fitting Extending Arm LCD, LED or Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket Launched By B-Tech, Just 37mm to wall

Market leading and design innovating UK based manufacturer B-Tech, has done it again.

To view this break-through product, please CLICK HERE

Most heavy duty wall mount bracket arms were designed when Plasma and LCD screens were much heavier, resulting in brackets that are over-specified for the current, much lighter ranges of TVs and and Monitors, particularly the LED versions. That’s of course great if you’re installing a TV or Monitor that actually weighs 60+kg, but in reality for most current display models, then this load-weight capacity only compromises the gap between the wall and the back of the screen. Typically, brackets that can support a 65+kg load, would have a wall to back of the screen gap of 100~140mm, that’s 4~5″. OK, for a big bulky Plasma screen then that gap would be in proportion with the depth of the screen, but for current slim line LED and LED screens, it just makes the screen appear to be floating away from the wall.

With the launch of the Super-Slim BT8221 extending wall mount bracket, the gap between the wall and the back-plate of the TV or Monitor has been reduced to just 37mm (1.5″), a significantly better proportional gap for the current LCD and LED models. When pushed-back to the wall, these new slim-line TVs and Monitors, still appear to be slim-line.

Being capable of supporting a load weight of up to 36kg (80lbs), the BT8221 is more than capable of supporting the vast majority of current model flat screen TVs and Monitors, with a diagonal screen size up to 65″.

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