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England Qualify For the 2014 World Cup – It’s time for pubs, clubs, shopping centres and work-places to start planning

Well, after much stress and a little fingernail biting, England got there in the end, thanks to Rooney & Gerrard.

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As next year’s FIFA World Cup is based in Brazil, it’s likely that many games will be televised in the UK and Europe at peak viewing times, that is in the evenings. Although, due to the 5 hours time difference, there will be late night games to watch too.

As the home of beautiful people, playing the beautiful game, there is likely to be a greater interest in next years Brazil based competition than in previous tournaments. This additional interest, combined with the late-night business opportunities, means that pubs and clubs throughout the UK will be looking to boost their profits.

We say this prior to every major football competition :- “Plan your events early and make sure you have all the equipment you need”.

If you’re considering upgrading your projector or flat screen TVs, then do it now.

It’s simple, the manufacturers always underestimate demand and pricing always increases, just prior to the biggest sporting events. It’s just plain old ‘supply and demand’. You can also be sure that if you’re planning to update or upgrade your viewing facilities just prior to the big kick-off, something will go wrong, it’s just ‘Sod’s Law’.

Our advice is this, upgrade now and iron-out all the little things that can go wrong.

Once you’ve got your viewing equipment up and working to its maximum capabilities, then ‘market the hell’ out of it. Market what your potential customers can actually see, not what you’re promising, sometime nearer the event.

Most hospitality and corporate companies have been holding-back their spending over the last few years, the FIFA World Cup Finals will be the ‘finger on the trigger’. Make sure you’re not left in the dark in 2014!!

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