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Premier Mounts’ CS40-2MS2, CS60-2MS2, CS72-2MS2 & CS84-2MS2 Discontinued – Great B-Tech Alternatives launched BT8552 & BT8554

Back to Back LCD,LED or Plasma TV / Monitor Floor Stand

Oh, thank you B-Tech. Just when we thought we were going to experience a void in our range, B-Tech has once again come-up trumps.

Please see our full range of Back to Back TV/Monitor stands, please CLICK HERE

Just when we had built-up a great customer base and a good run-rate selling the Premier Mounts’ back to back floor stands, it was decided by Premier Mounts to withdraw this product from the UK and the EEC.

Well, the timing of the launch of the new B-Tech BT4102 stand base could not have been better. Not only are we now able to maintain our sales of this category of product, we’re actually able to supply back to back stands at a lower cost.

The new B-Tech model numbers are :-

BT4102                  –              Stand base alone

BT8551                  –              Single 50” stand – complete

BT8552                  –              Back to back stand for 50” screens – complete

BT8553                  –              Single 65” stand – complete

BT6554                  –              Back to back stand for 65” screens – complete

The new stand base, the BT4102 will form the base for many new stand options from Flat Screen Support as it offers a central column on the base, making it ideal for mounting multiple screens on to a pair of poles.

For more information, please call us on 0845 835 0266


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