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Premier Mounts’ B60-VPM, B72-VPM, B84-VPM, EB60-UFA, EB72-UFA, EB84-UFA, EB60-MS2, EB72-MS2, EB84-MS2, TL-60-UFA, TL72-UFA, TL84-UFA, TL60-MS2, TL72-MS2 & TL84-MS2 LCD, LED & Plasma Stands UK Pricing.

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As we have covered in previous reports. Due to the change in distribution policy of Premier Mounts’ for products sold into the UK and Europe, sadly there has been a significant price increase on its range of professional LCD, LED & Plasma stands.

Whilst we would always argue strongly that our pricing correctly reflects the high quality manufacturing standards of these audiovisual stands, we are aware that some customers are not prepared to pay the additional amounts required. Initially we had hoped to restrict the price increases, however we have now found it necessary to pass the price increases on to our customers. If you’re an existing customer of Flat Screen Support, then please accept our apologies, however you will still be receiving the highest quality products, backed by a level of service and support second to none, albeit at a higher cost price.

Perhaps it’s the market re-balancing itself, and maybe the Premier Mounts stands were actually priced too low.

We are however becoming more aware that some customers are not able, or prepared to pay the additional amounts for the Premier Mounts’ stands. Being a multi-vendor supplier, we would like to remind our customers that we do offer a full range of stands supplied by B-Tech, Premier Mounts and Vogel’s, covering most budgets and specification requirements.

Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 0845 835 0266


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