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Premier Mounts Extends the Turnstone AV UK Distribution Agreement

US manufacturer Premier Mounts has extended the range of products which will be distributed in the UK by Turnstone AV.

Initially, 18 Premier Mounts’ models were to be re-branded by Vogel’s and distributed into the UK via Turnstone AV. It has now been announced that Turnstone AV will also be distributing most of the Premier Mounts LCD, LED and Plasma screen Floor Stands & Trolleys, alongside the AM50-B and the AM80 wall mounting brackets. Initially, these additional products will maintain their Premier Mounts’ model numbers, although this may change in the future.

Sadly, no other Premier Mounts’ products will be stocked by Turnstone, meaning that for the UK at least, it’s the end of the road for the Premier Projector & TV ceiling mount ranges, the Apple iPad frames and many other custom installation components.

From our perspective it’s really sad as we have a built a loyal group of customers who regularly purchase the TV ceiling mount kits, particularly the VESA200 options. 

On-going, the following models will still be available in the UK, although the pricing of them may change in the very near future. Clearly, there will be a ‘changeover’ period, during which time, stock availability and delivery times may vary.

AM50-B, AM80, B40-VPM, B60-VPM, B72-VPM, B84-VPM, BW40-UFA, BW60-UFA, BW72-UFA, BW40-MS2, BW60-MS2, BW72-MS2, EB40-UFA, EB60-UFA, EB72-UFA EB84-UFA, EB40-MS2, EB60-MS2, EB72-MS2, EB84-MS2, EBC40-UFA, EBC60-UFA, EBC72-UFA EBC84-UFA, EBC40-MS2, EBC60-MS2, EBC72-MS2, EBC84-MS2, TL40-UFA, TL60-UFA, TL72-UFA, TL84-UFA, TL40-MS2, TL60-MS2, TL72-MS2, TL84-MS2, B40-VPM, B60-VPM, B72-VPM, B84-VPM, B402VPM, B60-2VPM, B72-2VPM, B84-2VPM.

Currently, there are no plans for Turnstone AV to supply the RTM rotating mount, as such we can not be sure that the stands and trolleys with the screen rotating feature (landscape / portrait) will be available. We hope this will be reconsidered as it’s such a good option for commercial LCD / LED /Plasma stands and trolleys, particularly for the audiovisual hire market.

As always, being able to supply more than one manufacturer means that in most cases, we’re able to offer alternative products. If you have any short-term requirements, please contact us as soon as possible as pricing is very likely to rise in August 2013.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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