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Choosing the right LCD / LED monitor desktop or counter-top stand could save you thousands of pounds

Surely, if a desktop or counter-top or tabletop stand fits the monitor, isn’t that enough?

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Most flat screen monitors are supplied with a tabletop or desktop stand, but generally the ‘standard’ stands are just that, they offer no degree of height adjustment, screen tilt or turn. The assumption from the screen manufacturers’ is that we are all a similar size and height, clearly this is simply wrong.

So what’s the problem?

Well, if you’re reasonably tall then the height of the screen dictates your sitting position and your posture. Having spent a fortune on your new office chair, ensuring it’s got lumbar support, most taller people find themselves leaning forward to see the screen, hence that investment in lumbar support was a total waste of money. Interestingly, the general public of the UK is getting taller and taller by generation, however the height of the standard desktop has not changed since Victorian times. Hence, more and more people are finding themselves in a hunched position with a curved spine, or sitting with a straight back, but with a bent neck. Neither are great for preventing long term back and neck problems.

Employee Duty of Care

Clearly, if it’s your desk and your monitor, it’s entirely your own concern how you choose to be seated. The problem of course is if you’re buying monitors for your office or your employees. Should you not follow-through with a duty of care, to ensure that your employees have the correct monitor heights and positioning adjustments, then you’re leaving yourself open to potential future liability claims against you for musculoskeletal problems.

Improved productivity.

If an employee is comfortable, with the screen positioned perfectly, then there is every chance that they will be more productive. With the resulting lack of back and neck stresses and strains, there may be even fewer ‘sick days’ taken.

Other Benefits

Most desktop monitor stands allow the operator more desktop space to use. In some cases, be elevating the monitor screen from the work-top, up to 30% working space can be created.

Customer or Face to Face Consultations.

The computer says no” or does it? Having the barrier of a computer screen between you and a client can cause mistrust. If you’re telling a client that the information on the screen is affecting your decisions, this can be interpreted as an excuse. The client is left with the feeling of “can he help?” or “does he actually want to help?” Being able to turn the screen towards the client, so that both parties can share the information, is a great sales-tool, it makes the customer feel more included and involved with the sales or consultation process. As the client becomes more involved, then trust is built and the ‘person to person’ relationship is developed and then maintained.

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