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Vogel’s VSS Safety Standard Testing, Exceeds TUV / GS European Standards

In the past we’ve published articles relating to TUV and Underwriter Labs (UL) testing  and approval. TUV is generally a European independent testing organisation, whereas UL tends to relate to US manufactured products.

From our ranges, typically B-Tech mounts are TUV approved whereas Premier Mounts products, being an American manufacturer are UL tested and approved.

Well European manufacturer Vogel’s takes a further step.

Alongside the TUV / GS certification, for most products Vogel’s now also publishes its own Vogel’s Safety Standard (VSS). This VSS star rating from 1 ~ 5 *, indicates the maximum load weight to which a product has been tested, versus the claimed maximum load specification.

VSS*          (tested to 1 x the specification claimed  maximum load weight)

VSS**        (tested to 2 x the specification claimed maximum load weight)

VSS***      (tested to 3 x the specification claimed  maximum load weight)

VSS****    (tested to 4 x the specification claimed  maximum load weight)

VSS*****  (tested to 5 x the specification claimed  maximum load weight)

Most of the Vogel’s professional ‘close-fit’ ranges are certified to TUV/GS and VSS-5*, meaning that they are tested to support at least 5 times the maximum specification load weight without collapsing (although there may be some deformation or bending). The extending mounts such as the EFW4345Plus and the EFW6445Plus have both TUV/GS and VSS3* ratings.

From a floor stand and trolley perspective, these are also tested to ensure that they can stay in positions when tilted by 10 degrees with a normal weight load.

Whilst we would always recommend that one should not exceed the maximum load weight of any mounting hardware, at least one can be confident that the Vogel’s specifications have not been plucked ‘out of the air’.

Alongside each product we will list the Vogel’s VSS number, just give you a little addition peace of mind. It also helps one justify spending that little bit extra on a product with additional safety and security.

As the majority of our products are installed into commercial applications, we’re confident that our B-Tech, Premier Mounts and now our Vogel’s ranges are truly up to the job.

It does make one wonder how many of the lower quality, cheap brackets being imported into the UK, have been similarly tested.

As we have always said, “We don’t sell cheap brackets, we sell high quality brackets inexpensively”.

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