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Why Supply Both B-Tech and Premier Mounts Hardware? Wouldn’t it be better to concentrate on one?

We were recently asked why we choose to supply two ranges of mounting hardware from two different manufacturers, and wouldn’t it be better to stick with just one?

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In an ideal world, then one would expect that there would be more advantages than disadvantages gained by supplying products from just one manufacturing source.

Certainly, one might expect to receive better pricing, perhaps a higher level of support or perhaps even a better level of product knowledge. Well, from our experience we’ve learned that the above is just not the case.

We’re proud to offer both B-Tech and Premier Mounts manufactured TV mounting hardware. We selected these two manufacturers for very good reasons.

The B-Tech and Premier Mounts product ranges interweave and overlap really well, very few products are directly ‘like-for-like’ comparable .

For our installation customers, sometimes one manufacturer’s products don’t quite do the required job, it’s great to be able to supply what our installers actually need, rather than just what we have available to sell.

It’s sometimes suggested that B-Tech is a cheap or in some-way an inferior manufacturer than Premier Mounts, we have never supported that suggestion. Clearly, B-Tech is a British company, with British product designers, its products are TUV tested and approved and it offers a full 10 year warranty on all of its products. Lower quality manufacturers just could offer these benefits. We’re very comfortable supplying either B-Tech or Premier Mounts products into commercial or public access environments. As B-Tech has been selling TV mounting hardware in the UK for 40 years, one is likely to see its products installed in many UK education establishments, retailers, visitor attractions and even local and central government buildings. It’s even used in the Welsh Assembly, at Wimbledon and in many other sports stadia in the UK.

Premier Mounts on the other hand is a USA based manufacturer, offering products that are Underwriter Labs (UL) tested and approved, which are all supplied with a LifeTime warranty. Although sold in the UK for many years, you are still more likely to see Premier Mounts hardware installed in very high profile and demanding US venues, such as in many of the Las Vegas hotels and even at the LV international airport. Although, more and more, Premier Mounts products are making headway across the whole of Europe.

With its proven history and reputation, we certainly have never thought of B-Tech as a cheap alternative to Premier Mounts, we simply see them as two complimentary ranges, of equal quality. By supplying both Premier Mounts and B-Tech hardware, we’re able to offer our customers real choice, but more importantly we are able to offer real solutions to their particular mounting hardware requirements.

There is of course the old adage of  ‘not carrying all your eggs in the same basket’, and to be fair this is also a very serious consideration. By supplying and supporting two of the world’s best brands we’re able to offer alternative products, should there be a supply issue. We know from experience that from time to time, there will be stock shortages, at least we’re always able to offer an alternative solution from our expansive range.

Also, from a company stability perspective, it’s never a great business plan to be solely reliant on one supplier or one route to market. Decisions made hundreds or thousands of miles away could severely affect ones own business, a new ‘high flying’ CEO or Company Director in an office far away, could easily make a decision which could potentially leave one without a product range to sell.

From a product design and feedback perspective, it’s also a huge benefit for the manufacturer to receive feedback from its ‘multi-vendor’ dealers. Information regarding how a product can be improved or how future-products could be designed is invaluable, information that can only be gathered by selling a wider range of products.

Over the years we have used the ethos  “We don’t sell cheap products, we sell high quality products, inexpensively”, this is as true today as it’s always been.

We are very happy to support two fantastic TV mounting hardware manufacturers and for very good reasons.

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