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Ebay – Now over 1150 Positive Feedbacks Received – Average £179.09 per sale

Well, we’ve been told by some suppliers that “you just can’t sell higher value items on Ebay”, and that we should concentrate sales via our website flatscreensupport.co.uk and our other traditional routes to market.

Please see our Ebay Store : – CLICK HERE

As of July 2013, we’re very happy to announce that we have now sold in excess of 1700 high-end products via Ebay and we have now received in excess of 1025 positive feedback ratings.The average value of each of our 90 last Ebay sales was £176.09.

So, contrary to popular belief, Ebay is a great marketplace for almost all products. Of course customers are looking for the best price, backed by a great level of support. But, if the price, product & level of support is a good proposition, then customers will happily buy higher value products from Ebay stores.

There are of course those companies who purport to be big sellers of higher value products on Ebay, sometimes showing hundreds or even thousands of positive feedback ratings, but if you simply scroll-down the feedback left by their customers, you can see for yourself how that feedback has been ‘earned’. Very few companies are able to display a long list of high value sales, most mainly show a long list of very low cost items, or oddly they hide what they’ve actually sold. We believe feedback is important for two reasons,  potential customers can see how the company performs, but they can also see if existing customers liked the product they’re actually considering buying.

We’re certainly very happy with the contribution Ebay makes to our overall sales, complimenting our sales via our websites, via play.com, via Facebook and via our telephone and our traditional invoice sales.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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