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TV Wall Mount Brackets: What to Look For, What do I Need to Know?

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When buying your beautiful shiny new LCD, LED or Plasma TV, the subject of TV wall mounts may not seem particularly interesting, but we can assure you, it’s really critical. Having spent your hard earned money purchasing a new flat-screen TV, you need to be sure that the mount attaching it to your wall is safe and secure. All it would take is a faulty mounting bracket or perhaps a poor installation to send your precious TV crashing. Not only damaging your TV (voiding the warranty), but also potentially causing serious injury to your family members or your pets. Sadly your contents insurance may cover the cost of a replacement TV, but that won’t fix any injured parties.


Even at this stage it’s worth considering that your TV wall mount bracket will outlive your shiny new TV, so it’s always worth considering one with the widest level of compatibility, this should mean that a future TV could use the same mount. Depending on where you wish to mount the TV, you may wish to consider a TILT mount. These are particularly recommended if a TV is being mounted above your natural eye-line, the tilt feature will make all the difference when viewing your favourite programmes.  If you’re mounting your TV at your natural eye-line you will not need a TILTING mount, a FLUSH mount will be perfect. The final option to consider is an arm mount or an extending mount, sometimes referred to as a Cantilever Mount. These mounts are ideal for mounting TVs into alcoves or recesses, or into the corner of a room.

Ease of Installation
Not only do you need to be sure that your TV is securely installed, but you also want the installation process to be as short and as painless as possible. Look for TV mounts with a built-in spirit level, but be very aware, if the spirit level is not mounted into the wall plate correctly, then the wall mount will also be skewed. Believe us, we’ve had samples of very cheap mounts sent to us where the spirit level wasn’t level!! Although useful, it’s usually worth checking the mount with an external larger spirit level, before hanging the TV onto it.

Also make sure that the mounting hardware (screws, bolts, nuts and washers) supplied is compatible with the VESA standards, and it is supplied with clear installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Often, the main difference highlighted between products is the weight capacity and the TV’s screen size, however it’s important to check all the additional features in order to make an educated choice. For example, it’s best to choose a bracket that allows post-installation levelling adjustments, and for it to be tested and approved by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or TUV. Being approved by UL or TUV means that the product has been safety tested, by an independent 3rd party company. It confirms that any claims in the specifications of the bracket have been tested and are true. As an example UL tests all Premier Mounts brackets with loads up to 4 times greater than the claimed maximum weight capacity.

Help & Support
A good warranty is always important, just in the unlikely event that your newly purchased TV mount develops a fault. The best products have at least a five-year warranty or longer, B-Tech offers a 10 year warranty, whereas Premier Mounts offers a LifeTime warranty. It’s also recommended that you purchase a TV wall mount whose manufacturer is easy to find on the internet. If your retailer is selling its own brand, or unbranded products, you may find it difficult to claim should the worst happen, certainly if the retailer is no-longer be trading. Also if the manufacturer is difficult to find on the internet,  it will be hard to contact it for support, you’re then left trying to deal with the company who sold it to you, if they’re still around. Please see our older blog entries regarding several on-line suppliers in the UK selling such unbranded items, or do a quick internet search for “TV wall bracket complaint” and see the problem suppliers for yourself.

Our final piece of advice would be – Don’t settle for a sub-standard TV wall mount simply to save a couple of quid. Believe us when we tell you that your TV, plasterboard wall and innocent family members (and pets) will thank you for a safely mounted TV.

Our two often used phrases when buying mounting hardware are:- “Generally, you get what you pay for, if something seems too cheap to be true, then it probably is”

Also, we’re very proud that we do not sell cheap brackets, we sell high quality brackets inexpensively.

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