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All LCD, LED & Plasma screen mounting brackets must be safe, right? They must all do the job they’re designed for, surely?

If you’re in any doubt that things can go tragically wrong when installing flat screen display products in public access spaces, the please click the following link to the UK’s ‘Mail OnLine’.


Clearly until all investigations are completed, we have absolutely no-idea what caused the tragedy, but it’s a clear indication that there is potential for disasters to happen.

There are a whole host of potential problems when installing any display, from an installation engineer simply not checking that the securing screws and bolts are tightened, that unsuitable mounting hardware is being used or of course there could be a mechanical break-down, such as a weld breaking or a metal retaining-clip bending or deforming.

Whilst we’re not in a position to comment on the tragedy in Birmingham Alabama, we know how to minimise risk. If you’re installing screens, projectors or other display equipment in public access spaces, use only products designed for that specific environment. Clearly, installation errors can always  happen,  that’s down to the installation engineer on the day.

All we ever advise is that you must minimise the risks, only use products designed for use in public access spaces and only ever use products that have either TUV or UL (Underwriter Labs)  approval. During the specification stage of an installation, what may seem to be a ‘nice little cost-saving’ of a few pounds, may be the worst mistake you ever make.

We’re not looking to jump onto the back of a poor family’s tragedy, however for many years we have been advising our customers that we will never supply products that may put their installations at risk. All our wall mounts, ceiling mounts, stands and trolleys are TUV or UL tested, and are supplied by B-Tech International or Premier Mounts.

As an example, when specifying a Premier Mounts bracket, you can rest assured that UL (Underwriter Labs) have tested it with a load 4 times greater than the claimed specification.

For more information, please call 0845 835  0266 


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